How I quit smoking, Abaidul narrates

How I quit smoking, Abaidul narrates

Today, we feature a brief story from a one Abaidul who shares his victory and why he left smoking.

I loved two things in life- sex and smoking. In my early youth, I did not have sex much. So, I was dependent only on smoking. This was the only pleasure I had. I could not think how life would be after giving up the only pleasure I had.

Of course, I knew it was bad, but it never stopped me from smoking. My parents never smoked. Neither my siblings did. I caught this when I started university. Smoking was a culture there. It was a social thing.

I was so frustrated. Smoking is so much installed in my body and mind, I could not get rid of my habit. The breakthrough came eventually. During a routine check with my doctor, he asked me to quit smoking. Among other deadly diseases, he suddenly said:

“Smoking could destroy your erectile function”

What? If I lose my male reproductive functionality, what will happen to my life. My family life would end. My partner would leave. Most importantly, I would never another life!

I took out my last cigarette packet from my pocket and crushed it under my feet. My male ego won above all. This time I had the real motivation- the last thing I would do is to smoke a cigarette.

It has been 7 years since I smoked my last cigarette. I have now a happy family life with wonderful kids.

That is A story by Abaidul. If he did it, you too can do it. Share this story with a friend and help them know that they too can quit smoking.


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