The Oh Uganda Tobacco Communication Hackathon (OUTCH)

The Oh Uganda Tobacco Communication Hackathon (OUTCH)

The Tobacco Hazard Communications Hackathon which started on Saturday 7th September and ended on 8th September saw a lot of hackers and brilliant minds gather at the Design Hub Kampala to find solutions for tobacco control communications in Uganda.

Why a Tobacco Control Communications Hackathon?

There is a challenge on how to use health communication strategies through media and health information technology to improve population health outcomes and health care quality.

“There is need for new creative ways to communicate and address the Tobacco Control law in Uganda, and also inform citizens about the dangers of using Tobacco” – Destiny Chaiga from UHCA stated.

The Oh Uganda Tobacco Control Hackathon is meant to address this through finding innovative ways in media and information technology so as to communicate the Tobacco Control Law and influence population health outcomes.

To do this, This Hackathon targeted a diverse array of talents such as techies, clinicians, engineers, designers, software developers, media, business people, to develop those solutions.

The Tobacco Hazard Communications hackathon was the first of its kind in Uganda, Africa and the world at large.

“Tobacco is a death investment. You pay money to fall sick, and also pay money to get well. How more boldly and loudly can we communicate the message of Tobacco Control for more Ugandans to know about its dangers and STOP? ” –  Allan from @iventureAFRICA shared on why the OUTCH hackathon was prepared and how it is meant to impact Tobacco Control communications in Uganda and the world.

These innovations were intended to improve:

  • Health care quality and safety
  • Health literacy skills
  • The public health information infrastructure
  • Support care in the community and at home
  • Facilitate clinical and consumer decision-making

A total of 25 innovators came from different fields such as; Technology, Journalism & Media, Health and designers, and from the two-day brainstorming and creative thinking, they were able to form 3 groups, all of which had amazing ideas.

Below are the ideas which erupted from the Oh Uganda Tobacco Communications Hackathon (OUTCH):


They have a project entitled “I want my air clean: Nange Nfa”
Their target group are passive smokers who are mainly at school.
They plan on having Music Dance and Drama Activities at different schools.
They plan to use the Media to advance their message.


Their idea is to create a comic character called Kataba, who is a youth born in Arua. Both his parents are tobacco growers.

Their target group is the youth and they will pass on their message using digital cartoons, magazines, Newspapers, Radio, and TV.

They also plan to translate the comic into local languages. They hope to make money from the Ads in their magazines

Also, the plan to have Feedback vouchers so that they can monitor the progress of their innovation.


Their model is Peter who uses Shisha

They have come up with the Apana app that uses entertainment to sensitize on the dangers of tobacco
Target youth.

The Key Activities to create Tobacco awareness are Movies, music, and animation. The app will also provide News and information on Tobacco Control.

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