Sukuma Taaba Out Dance in Kisenyi

Sukuma Taaba Out Dance in Kisenyi

On Sunday, 25th August, we took the message of Tobacco to the ghettos of Kisenyi.

In a bid to sensitize the masses on the existing Tobacco Control Law and also the dangers of tobacco use, we went to the ghettos of Kisenyi.

Youths, Children, Parents and the elders from all over Kisenyi were present to support BUT also get informed about the Tobacco Control Law.

So as to bring together the members to engage and interact, there were fan activities that the locals participated in like boxing and dancing.

The MCEE of day was our ambassador Mrs. Sophie Gombya who took the day way through informing the audience about the dangers of using Tobacco products.

The Local Council leaders also honored the day with speeches and words of advice to the community to follow the Tobacco Control law and keep the children away from the deadly tobacco products.

We also had members from the Tobacco Control Committee talk to the locals on the available laws and dangers of tobacco usage.

Thanks to our partners: Uganda Health Communications Alliance(UHCA), Centre for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) and Kahill Insights for the support.


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