Tobacco Death Days Activation in Jinja

Tobacco Death Days Activation in Jinja

As part of our drive to sensitize people an activity aimed at:

  • Increasing knowledge of tobacco Control
  • Promoting compliance for the Tobacco Control Act (TCA) 2015 and
  • On the dangers of Tobacco use,

we set out to organize death day’s events in the major towns of Uganda. On 30th July 2019, we were in Jinja. We decided to engage students from different schools around Jinja. We had students from Jinja Secondary School and Jinja Progressive Academy attending the events in large numbers.

The students and the community members around Jinja town joined in on a march around the city to sensitize and spread the message on the dangers of tobacco use.

There was also a cleanup exercise around Jinja Main Market from where we engaged the vendors, bikes (boda bodas) and other people on the dangers of tobacco usage.

The day elapsed with a press briefing at Ci’ sand suites from where discussions with the students, community members and media houses on the existing tobacco control laws and how they affect the different stakeholders ensued. Here are other pictures on the Tobacco Death Day Activation in Jinja.

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