The smoke FREE public place awards | Success Story

The Tobacco Control Acts stipulates that smoking in public places and 50 meters of it is prohibited. The aim of the Smoke FREE public place awards was to recognize those places which have complied with this regulation in the Tobacco Control Act.

How the Smoke free public place awards were conducted

These awards were fully conducted online through crowd sourced information.

The awards were targeting to appreciate places which were compliant to the Tobacco Control Act 2016, as well as expose the dangers of passive smoking for the people who visit these places.

Around 26 places were nominated through the Tobacco Control Uganda website. After the nominations, we had a team of offline advocates who went ahead to assess the authenticity of these public places. This was done through mechanisms which left some of these places exposed for allowing smokers during night hours. Some of these public places didn’t have “NO SMOKING” banners within their premises, a prerequisite of the Tobacco Control Act 2015.

The public places which won

Through more agile techniques, 3 winners emerged. These had all the requirements of the Tobacco Control Act 2015 and we can’t be more proud to congratulate them.

In no particular order we had:

Uganda Management Institute

About Uganda Management Institute:

Uganda Management Institute (UMI) is a National Branch for Training, Research and Consultancy in the field of Administration, Leadership and Management. Officially opened on October7, 1969 as the Institute Public Administration (IPA), the Institute was mandated to conduct intensive in-service training to quickly develop management capacity in the public service. Whereas IPA opened from inception as a department of the Ministry of Public Service, this changed with the enactment of the Uganda Management Institute Statue of 1992, under which the Institute acquired its present name and changed its status to a semi-autonomous body corporate under the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001.

Next Media Services

About Next Media Services:

Next Media is focused on being the leading electronic group in East Africa while creating value by leveraging on accurate data reliable, new technology, understanding consumer behavior and staying competitive.

3D Cinema magic Naalya.

About 3D Cinema Magic:

CINEMA MAGIC: Uganda’s 1st & BIGGEST 3D Cinema
It is located at Metroplex Shopping Mall, Naalya next to the Northern By-pass

These places showed zero tolerance to SMOKING in their premises, had NO SMOKING signs/banners and also didn’t Sale, Advertise or Promote Tobacco Products.


Managers of public places ought to understand and abide by the Tobacco Control Act 2015 because it is punishable by law.

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