The Death Trap Products.

[Photo Source: Canadian Cancer Society]

I enjoy having a meal in a Kafunda, well, for the most obvious reason, the food is cheap, secondly, Kafunda restaurants have the best cooked local foods but above all, I love them for the random conversations people have openly. Different people sit next to each other and talk about anything. Literally, you can eardrop every conversation in there.
Most times people having lunch talk about football matches, political issues, and a few people who are close to each other talk about relationships, how they dumped someone’s son and now they are with some rich guy’s son. Personally, when I go with my friend we talk about gadgets and sometimes look at people’s daughters who have ‘work.’

Recently, my friend Mawejje and I were eating and talking about absolutely nothing important, then three smartly dressed girls walked in, they sat on our table but across, facing us. Something in me judged them and camped them campus students, just by the look of the cover. I tried not to look but my eyes see in miraculous ways, the more I tried not to look the more I actually looked at them. One of the girls looked at us and seemed like she wanted to say hello, however she didn’t, the conversation they came in having was heating up as they sat, looked like she wanted to throw in her two cents.

The Kafunda Waitress walked passed them and one of the girls at the extreme end of the table called her “Nyabo, do you have food?” she asked looking at her keenly. The waitress politely replied, “Yes, we do, let me finish here and I get to you.” The girls’ conversation continued. Meanwhile, one of them is looking at me like she knows me from somewhere, especially in this digital era, where befriend people online we have never met in person.

“What are you going to eat?” The waitress asked them. The girl in the middle looked at my plate and said: “I will have this exact food, like his.” The other one said, “all foods except posho, with fish in groundnuts paste.” “Okay, what about you?” the waitress replied and asked the girl at the extreme end. “Rice and small matoke with beef, also get us juice” As soon as the waitress left, the conversation continued from they left it.

“Rachel and Winnie, I told you about the other guy who gave me loose leaves at Sky?” The girl in the middle asked while looking at Winnie. “Yes, did you try them?” Winnie replied. “No, I found out that the loose leaves have tobacco in them” She replied. “I thought all tobacco products have to be smoked, yes?” Rachel asked. “No dear, currently, there are a number of smokeless tobacco products, there is even some type of chocolate that has tobacco, so you better be careful.”
“The Food is here, let me get you juice,” The waitress said. “Nyabo, have this money,” I told her and paid for my friend and I. As we walked I got my phone and went straight to Google, ‘Smokeless tobacco products.’ The search results gave me this conclusion: Ladies and gentlemen, the death trap products are being innovated, you all, be woke. Inform yourself because every day, 38 people in Uganda die due to tobacco-related issues.

Written by: Joel Jjemba.

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