Uganda Police Confiscates Tobacco Banned Products and Arrests Users

Uganda Police Confiscates Tobacco Banned Products and Arrests Users

After undergoing Tobacco Control Law Implementation training, Uganda Police has been carrying out raids in public places where banned products like Shisha are being sold and used.

Tobacco Control Law training for Uganda Police.

On Friday evening from 7pm to 1am Uganda Police Force took out an operation against ignore tobacco product in the Kampala Center region.

Place like Arua park had 7 people arrested and a number of shisha pots confiscated, while Shade Bar and Restaurant had all it’s shisha users arrested. Laftaz Comedy Lounge in Centenary Park had its 41 shisha pots impounded, and Kyoto Turkish Restaurant & Bar also in Centenary Park had 34 pots and delivery systems confiscated by the police.

Zone7 in Bugolobi was the only one found with no banned products like shisha but Mugiez Corporate Zone Reloaded or Mugiez Corporate ZONE, shisha pots and their delivery systems were hidden and out of use. The manager of the bar said that they had stopped selling shisha and kept the pots after they had about the arrests. He lead the Police DPC heading the operation to the story where they were hidden. There were 7 pots and their delivery systems, which the police confiscated.

This was the third raid by police implementing the Tobacco Control Law. The first one was in Mukono town, second on Acacia Avenue.

The DPC commented and said that some entertainment places in Kampala central were no longer dealing in shisha, and this is a great thing because people are promoting and implementing the Tobacco Control Law.

Shisha Arrests: Who Your Real Enemy Is

Shisha Arrests: Who Your Real Enemy Is

In light of the 30 arrests made by the Uganda Police in a bid to enforce the Tobacco Control Law, there has been a lot of reactions. Many were positive and receptive towards the move but also several were non receptive at worst and angry at best.

The angry reactions are directed to the Tobacco Control Campaign and the police. From a notorious bar owner who threatened the team that had accompanied the Police, to Shisha users online who have sworn to fight enforcement and keep up the habit. These, even after late last year,authorities confiscated Shisha pots in Mukono District and warned the public of Shisha’s illegality.

Whereas the thought of being arrested or risking arrest is indeed uncomfortable, the public should make an effort to abide by laws generally but also, and perhaps more importantly, a public health law. If not for anything else, then ofr the good of their health.

The World Health Organisation warned that a one-hour shisha session is as harmful as smoking 100 cigarettes. While a cigarette smoker most likely takes between 8 and 12 puffs, an hour-long shisha session smoker may take up to 200 drags; inhaling way more smoke and other harmful chemicals in tobacco; nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, ammonia- a gas whose inhalation causes poisoning, hydrogen cyanide- a fumigation chemical, arsenic- used in insecticides, and DDT inclusive.

Now you might be angry at the law and its enforcers now, but the Tobacco Control law provision that bans the sale and consumption of Shisha is an ally in the long run. With our country’s health sector already struggling with inadequate facilities and drugs for treatment, the last thing you want is to end up with a health condition from your habit, one that you could have avoided. The real enemy here is Shisha/Hookah and Tobacco.


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