Uganda’s School Going Children Targeted to Start Tobacco Use – Report

The infographic below is curated by the Uganda National health Users /Consumers' organisation (UNHCO) report about the Tobacco Industry advertising and selling tobacco products...

Uganda Government urged to raise tobacco tax

Tobacco haspassed the test of being the most toxic legal product which kills its users when used according to prescription. The Government of Uganda is...

Do you know Smokers take longer to conceive than non-smokers and are more likely to have fertility problems? Women who smoke or are exposed to other people's smoke have an increased risk of infertility and are more likely to take longer to get pregnant.

The latest The Tobacco control Daily! Thanks to @TheVGVapeTeam @TobaccoCtrlUg #joysms #ghananews

Do you know that most of the adults tobacco user started before they were 18 years old? Do you why, because they were targets of the Tobacco Industry since they were kids, with the fantasy adverts( we thank God we no longer have those)

UNHCO Won the MPOWER Award for Enforcing Bans on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

Thanx @URAuganda @URA_CG 4 impounding these cigarettes, hashing punish the culprits: where are the shisha pots passing, please @KCCAUG continue the shisha sellers crackdown, withdraw trade licences 2 @TobaccoCtrlUg @unhco to promote good @MinofHealthUG prevention

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