How The Tobacco Control Act Will Build This Nation

Many times you’ll be at your local shop waiting in a queue to buy airtime and a 9 year old kid will come running, halt right next to you and extend their hand to through the metallic bars before speaking confidently; bampeeyo sigala wa lukumi!

Now for many of us, it may not register how seriously dangerous it is that a child confidently walk to a shop to purchase a tobacco product that might potentially harm their health forever, but if you think about it long enough, you should ask yourself how many of children, most of whom are below 12 years are potential addicts. That right there is a problem.

The Uganda Tobacco Control Act joins several countries around the world to put a ban of sale of tobacco to any individual below the age of 21. Going forward, the choice to use tobacco will only be made by adults that are well informed of the consequences of their habits.

With this law in place, the numbers of Ugandans exposed to tobacco usage at an early age is reduced, we have more children concentrating on school and development of their talents and consequently, less people in their adulthood suffering cancer and respiratory diseases, a less strained health sector and more citizens healthy enough to contribute to the development and growth of Uganda.

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