Tobacco Free Father's Day

Father’s day is here again. A time for the fathers to be celebrated and appreciated too. Often we wonder what the threshold for a good father is. Many will say; “A good father is a responsible father, ” but who really is a responsible father? What actions and choices portray responsibility in a man with a child?
It might be paying school fees, buying essentials for their wellbeing or even protecting their children’s health and avoiding habits that might put their children’s health at risk. Which is why fathers that have made a choice not to smoke for the love and protection of their children are indeed, responsible fathers.
A study shows that children that grow up in households where their parents smoke tobacco are highly exposed to respiratory diseases and other infections. These children are also likely to die at at a very young age considering their immunity is still too weak to fight these health dangers. Not to mention, should the partner of a pregnant woman expose them to second hand smoke, chances are high she will have an underweight child, possibly with deformities and even a premature birth.
Therefore it is a responsibility of fathers to protect their families from these health risks and fathers who have managed to do exactly that, are like it or not, good, responsible fathers who must be celebrated. Are you a father who smokes or just a young man who smokes but hopes to be a father one day? Think about this.
Happy Father’s Day!

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